Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday oh Saturday

After finished make Art task, that was make me felt lil‘ dizyalhamdulillah I’m finished it with all of my strengt so it just need some editing before we collect it to my teacher. I went to Cinta Baca for volunteering, but when I arrived at CB there’s no ka dz or ka lisa, and then Ka John said “both ka dz and ka lisa has alredy go home“ and I just said “YAAAH–spontaneously

Because there was no job, so I thought to do my english task at CB, -english task(search narative story than retell it again in front of the teacher at class),while I search for the story I send a message to ka dz.

Sms 1 :

“yaah ga rame nih, udah pada pulang sih, aku baru dateng nih, eh udah ga ada siapa siapa, heem..“

There’s no answer, and I just keep searching the story, after I got the story I memorized it in my mind.

About 5pm, I went to Gramedia Pajajaran for met with my best friend “NOVI“, we had good time together (had chit-chat and eating together). In 6pm we decided to go home together, hha..

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