Sunday, April 10, 2011

I ‘n U

Heem.. Suddenly, I miss u guys, hha.. I miss when we had good time together, hha..

When we will play and spend time together again? I miss it, hha..

Maybe we can search any idea for our project or just cooking and eating together, do you still remember our promise of a vacation to Korea together? -it’s been long time.

This is because, our daily life. I always come home late in the afternoon and sometimes in the night, so I don’t have much time for play. And the other, she is very busy with her school life and also her organization, she was very busy even at weekends, so that she couldn’t often to go out with us for play or having chit-chat together. And another one, maybe she’s probably the most person who has normal life, she can come home from school at noon, ehm.. but now I heard she has course lessons, maybe she can’t play because of that. And if we want to see each other, there is one of us who can’t come because of something happen, hha.. ehmm.. oia How about at UN holiday, do you have time?? :)

Thank’s for visiting.. :)

Indri :))


  1. I have 3 free days in a week : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. so, we can arrange our meeting someday :D

  2. but, maybe I can't make it, I always got home at night,,
    but I think on saturday I can make it, how about it?

  3. mmmm, saturday?
    but not these week. because I want to spend my day with myself. hehe *jalansendirian
    perhaps next week.

  4. ooke.. me too, I don't have time this Saturday, I have appointment with my friends, hha..

    oia, anyway "do u want to join with us eat Korean food with (real) Korean people?"