Monday, April 25, 2011


Yap, today I’m back to my routinities!! Hha.. GO TO SCHOOL!!! And I’m study in YPHB Senior High School, hha..

In the morning I felt exicited and also lazy, hha,, because that’s mean I can’t wake up late everyday as usual on holiday, and I must wake up in the early morning to prepare all stuff for school, and I felt exicited too because I can meet with my school friend after one week holiday, hha.. and I almost forgot about their face ~LOL, hha…

As USUAL I always “RIWEUH” to prepare anything in the morning moreover today is MONDAY!!! Hha.. I have exercise subject –so that I must bring my exercise clotes, and I have English course today –so I should bring my course book, and they are makes my bag heavy, lalalalala, maybe that’s why I always short and no gain higher, hha….

When I arrived at school, my school was still empty just a lil bit student who already stayed on AULA,, and at 7.00 o’clock I did ceremony flag –every Monday I did it, and after that I attended all subject today “English, Chemistry, Religion and in the end I met Exercise –the most laziest subject that must I do.”

And YOU KNOW what???

Hari ini OLAHRAGA itu praktek SENAM LANTAI, dan absolutely I can’t do that!! Apalah itu HAND SPRING dan apalah itu ROLLING DEPAN!!! Huaaaa… Why I don’t have any ability on EXERCISE!!!

But, beside that I had GOOD DAY TODAY!!! Hha…

Thank’s for visiting …. :)

Indri … :)

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