Sunday, May 24, 2015


(ˈbyo͞odəfəl/ )

Beautiful atau kita artiin cantik, merupakan kata yang sangat di idam-idamkan semua perempuan, PASTI semua perempuan pengen dibilang cantik, tapi kadang kata cantik ini seakan menggambarkan seorang wanita yang sempurna secara “fisik”. JUJUR gua sendiripun masih menstereotipekan kata cantik ini dengan kesempurnaan fisik. #cetekternyatagua.

Coba kalian bayangin tentang cewe cantik!!

Monday, May 11, 2015


we always have it,
we know we have it,
we lived with it,
we feel it,
we cry cause of it,
we laugh cause of it,
we take care of it,
we solve it,
we must face it,
and then, we grow with it.
so don’t avoid or hide from it.

nobody’s perfect

we have our own problem

Sunday, May 10, 2015

One.. Two.. Three...

Three… Place that I have visit today, with my friends,

finally… I got chance to spent my time with them. Kinda having quality time with them. But, some of them didn't come because their activities and their task. Today 3 of them can make time and play with me. 

made my day!! #sorryformyface

First place that I visit today is Pizza Hut. Not so special resto, a resto that already we know, common place for people to eat, actually, this place is a substitute place for Lemongrass (one of restaurant on Pajajaran Street that always fully booked). I ordered 3 drinks (Blue Ocean –IDR19, Lychee Spring –IDR25, Lipton Ice Tea –IDR15) and 1 plate pasta (Cheese Beef Fusilli with extra cheese –IDR41+12)   for me and my friends here. #nophotossorry

Second place, I went to Warung Gumbira, tempat yang lagi naik daun di Bogor, so I think I need to try this place, so I decided to visit this place. This place have unique concept, if you enter this place you’ll feel like in the food court –banyak warung-warungnya terus bayar dulu sebelum makan. In this place I orderd 3 Ices (Coffee Afogato IDR25, Choco Pudding with milk extra topping lychee, bubble, and vanilla Ice cream (IDR35), and Milo Ice Pudding Red Bean Bubble (IDR25) , 1 drink (Es Cendol (IDR10), 1 plate chicken steak, 1 plate batagor (IDR25). #nophotoforescendolandchickensteak

And the last place, the third place that I visit today is Botani Square. One famous(?) mall in Bogor –selalu penuh. Lagi-lagi disini ujung-ujungnya makan.. haha… pertamanya disini mau nonton Avangers, tapiii ada jadwalnya yang sore, jadi akhirnya batal nonton lagi, next time (again.. T.T) gagal nonton lagi, gagal nonton terus. And we ate dinner in Botani Eatery. We ate one plate rice of Pepper Lunch, chicken wings from Bull Wings,  one plate noodle Bakmi GM, and one portion rice from Penona Manado, for drinks we order lemon tea and ice tea.. hari ini judulnya makan-makan.. ngegendutin iya ngurusin engga.. hiks..

But thanks for today my friends, we need happy we need to feel better, so we should play more, meet again, laugh more, spending our time with meaningful person in our life.


In this posting, again.. I start it with some epilog that I don’t know what it is. Seems kinda lost but I still writing, don’t know how to start this posting, so here it is you still reading my writing.
Since the last posting, I think I can make some posting after that, buuttt… its hard to do that, I still struggling with my study, and sometimes I don’t have mood for writing something worth in this blog. Here you still reading it, haha…
Hm.. so I don’t wanna make promise for writing in this blog everyday but I think I need to start writing on this blog now. Haha…
Some stories that I need to share till now,

Sorry for my bad typing, kinda miss this blog so much.. see you on the next posting.