Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beauty is (really) PAIN –sometime?

Listening club can’t handle me by flo rida ft. david guetta now, I start to share my lil’ grumpy life of me, hha..

Yester I can’t wrote anything in this blog because I felt tired –really tired,, because one full day in outside searched dress for one event, so yesterday I’ve been VERY BUSY, so I can’t make any posting in here,, -sorry… :)

Yesterday I’ve really busy for one event –mia’s birthday, I spent a whole day in the outside. Started from 10am(morning) till 8pm(night), hha.. it’s so crazy for (just) search a dress –we need a whole day, lalalalalalalala..

Actually we started to search from 12pm till 8pm, and finally debby found the dress in one of outlet in Bogor and me found the dress in one of mall in Bogor, we had same type of dress, the simple one, but different application hhe..

I choose a white color and for debby the blue one, after that I really sleepy and tired and give up when I saw my bed, hha…

Thank’s for visiting …

Indri :) :)

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