Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I had bad day today :(

I had bad day today, that change my mood to BAD MOOD. Finaly, I didn’t have any spirit in this afternoon,,

It’s started when I got my phisic score, and you know what?? I got VERY BAD score, it was so small, and it was UNDER KKM, and more than that it was SCORE for UTS!!! It’s TOO BAD!!

Physic always make me cry, because I can’t understand about this subject, I always feel confused when the teacher explained the problem, so I just watch it not understand it. So, I can’t answer any problems of physic, I can’t understandd about RIGID BODY (BENDA TEGAR), KINETIC ENERGY, ANGULAR MOMENTUM, FLUIDA STATIS, FLUIDA DINAMIS, BERNAULI LAW, ARCHIMEDES, they always make me dizy and make me want to vomit when I learn all of them. I can’t understand about the theory and the formula, and ext.. PHYSIC ALWAYS MAKE ME MAD AND CRY,,

maybe somebody can give me some advice for this problem??

Thank’s for visiting.. :)

Indri :)

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