Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Science 3 :))

Listening Super Junior – Shake it up!! Hha..

As our planning Science 3 have gathering today in Riana’s villa at Tanah Baru (Near by my house hha..), in the morning I decided not to come to this event, hha,, because I felt lazy even the place near with my house, so in the morning till in the afternoon I just stay lazy without done anything, hha.. just watching tv, sleeping, browsing, and doodling hha..

And today I watched SUSHOW 3 Super Junior in Japan, that makes me want to SEE THEM for REAL!!! (makes me CRAZY!!! >.<) AWESOME!!! HHA…

After I watched it, I was sleeping in my room alone, than avi called me about science 3 gathering, she ask me “If I want come or not?” but I said “I won’t to come” but she ask me again, and again, so FINALY I WENT TO RIANA’S VILLA, and in the end, there’s no regret that I feel, hha.. IT’S FUN, even I can’t join to sleep over in Riana’s villa, hha..

And some picture from SCIENCE 3 with SENSEI TIKI :) :) :

Thank’s For TODAY!!! :)

(lain kali kita harus lengkap ya IPA 3!!!)

Thank’s for visiting …

Indri :)

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