Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ampera ~full :)

Today, I had dutch course –again, with FRAU SASSY, hha,, seems Long Time no See FRAU!!! Hha.. as usual we (indri,citra and debby) have course from 10.00 till’ 12.00, and we always lazy to do some exercise at course time, hha.. ehm, in the middle of class I asked to Citra and Debby “abis les mau maen kemana??” and they said “MAEN MULU NDRI” hha.. yayayayaya… they are right!! Tapi emang bener, mau ngapain coba liburan dirumah doang?? Mending maen, hha..

After course, we took 07 for go home, but in the middle of way to go home, debby said “LAPEER” and ask me to eat something before we go home, because citra want to go home early, so she didn’t come with us to eat.

AND FINALLY we had lunch at AMPERA!!! Hha… and when we arrived AMPERA is FULL, and makes me pessimis if we must eat in this place or search another place, but in the end, we STILL ate at AMPERA, we spent 50.000 for our food, hha.. we order some food that make our stomatch FULL (they are for indri : 1½ nasi (hha..) ayam goreng,tempe mendoan,ampela ayam,lalab,sambal, teh anget dan es teh manis, and for debby : 1½ nasi (samanya hha..) ayam bumbu cabe ijo,2 tempe goreng dan paru,lalab,sambal,es teh manis, dan teh anget) hha..

And the RESULT IS (REALLY) FULL.. ampe engap, hha…

And at night I went to LIA for did English course.. and got home at 9pm, so tired,, hha..

Thank’s for visiting … :)

Indri … :)

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