Monday, April 11, 2011

As Usual …

Today just same with another day –as usual, wake up in the morning, go to school, play together, have chit-chat, do exercise at many subject, ext. AS USUAL,, hha..

Huua… but today I wanna cry, cry, cry!! Why?? Because I can’t come to suju concert in INDONESIA!!!! Actually, it's not their concert, they are one of the performers at an event named KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia), 2011, another guest star that is girl's day, park jung min and the boss, KIMCHI will be held at 4 June 2011, even the show is still long, but the tickets had been sold in Grand Indonesia, and for several types ticket has already SOLD OUT, and the remainder ticket is an expensive tickets, more over if we want to buy the ticket, we must buy it as soon as possible because the tickets reservations will be closed at 16th this month, and NO ONLINE order, huuuaaaa…. And it’s impossible for me to make much money in short time like this!!! :’( :’( :’( :’(

Besides that, I don’t know why, I can’t accept if sm*sh has collaborate performance with Suju, even though it’s just a planning from the promotor, I can’t accept it, (sorry for sm*sh blash).

And what I want now is only have enough money for buy the ticket, because I want it so bad TT.TT

Thank’s for visiting :)

Indri :)

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