Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today Report(s)

Cold weather makes me feel slepy and lazy to study, even though I know, the subject for tomorrow is Math and it’s not easy. I must study hard for that, but I don’t know, I just feel lazy to open the book or calculate anything in the paper. I don’t have any spirit for study,, hhuuaa... what should I do!!! I just want to SLEEP!!! T.T, even I open the book, I can’t concentration with the subject,, heem...

Hopefuly, I can do the test tomorrow morning, whit my abilty (like this). And now, I want to try for concentrate with the subject.


Bye bloggers...


Hari ini = 3rd day of mid test


Today I said as usual “noting special“.

Hari ini indri UTS hari ke-3 pelajarannya BIOLOGI,AGAMA, dan SUNDA.

Biologi hari ini indri diawas sama BUNDA, hha.. SENANG SENANG!! Beruntung Bunda datang pada saat dan pelajaran yang tepat, hha.. (alaaah,, jiwa anak sma yang gabener!!) bisa dibilang rate for biology : ***

Agama hari ini indri diawas sama Bu Ane(kalo gasalah), ehm.. not bad lah, tapi soalnya bikin pusing karena soalnya kan pake bahasa inggris dan rada sulit dimengerti. rate for agama : ***

Sunda hari ini indri diawas sama Bu Ely (guru fisika), berharap kalo ibu ini tuh ngawasnya besok, karena besok indri UTSnya ada Fisikanya(alaaah... MOTIF) hha.. dan berharap ibu ely ga ngasih soal soal yang gampang, jelas banget soalnya indri ga bisa fisika!! rate for sunda : **

Berharap kalo besok pas bangun indri jadi JENIUS FISIKA, dan bisa ngerjain soal soal fisika, tinggal 4 pelajaran lagi yang harus dikerjain sampai selesai, setelah itu selesai,

Pelajaran besok yang di UTS-in Fisika, PLH dan B.Inggris, semoga otak indri ga kena konslet pas ngerjain soal, amiiin...

Thank’s for visiting,,, :)

Indri :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


YESTERDAY, I can’t post anything in this blog, because, I didn’t have much time to make it, I have been busy with biology and anything else.

Yesterday I did my mid test and the subect is Japanese, Civic and CIT. And the result is ...

Japanese = :) :) :)
Civic = :) :) :|
CIT = :) :) :|

And after that, before shalat zuhur, I got my score for Chemistry, and YOU KNOW WHAT?? It’s just 75!!! Oh.. god, why it’s just 75 not 80,85,90,95 or 100??. I just felt DISSAPOINTED with thtat, because when I was on the test, I say it’s not to difficult and I thought I can get better score than 75 at least 80 or 85.. hhuuuaaa... so sad... :(

Thank’s for visiting.. :)

Indri :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

How’s the test?

How’s the test? –that words greeted me this afternoon when I arrived at home. Seems like my mom not allowed her child to take rest lil bit, and just asking about that.

And I said “as usual, you know right??

After I prayed, I went to living room and told the story with my mom, and I said...

for the 1st lesson “chemisty“ I said so-so, -because the question not to difficult,

for the 2nd lesson “indonesian language“ I said dizzy, - the question is too long make me felt confused to chose the correct answer,

for the 3rd lesson “history“ I said I want to CRY,CRY T.T, - seems like there’s no one question that I could answer correctly.

Hearing my story, my mom just said “hmmm“,“yeah“ ext.. and then she said “learn more, and not play too much“


And after that, I slept till magrib and started to study after that, hopefuly tomorrow will be better than today..

Thank’s for visiting my blog :)

Indri :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

1st Subject for Mid Test

Tomorrow, I’ll meet with mid test, and the subject will be test tomorrow is Chemistry, History and Indonesian Languge.

Hopefuly, I can do the test confidently, and I hope I can answer all of question with correct answer, and get good score in the end, amiin..

Thank’s for visiting my blog,, :)

Indri :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

UTS - Ujian Tengah Semeste


Yaap,, tanggal 28 Maret – 1 April 2011, indri bakal melaksanakan Ujian Tengah Semester a.k.a UTS,

indri ngerasa kayanya CEPET BANGET di kelas 2 ini, ga kerasa udah UTS lagi, dan itu berarti bentar lagi indri bakal move jadi anak kelas 3 dan terus kuliaah... oohh god (please dengan tubuh pendek saya ini ga cocok jadi anak kelas 3) huaaa..

berharap merasakan masa masa kelas 2 ini lebih lama lagi, -.-‘‘ –heem..

Inilah jadwal indri selama UTS, dengan kartu ujian yang GENJRENG warna koneng,

5 days dengan PERJUANGAN agar nilai bagus!!