Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothing Special Today

Just stayed at home today, nothing special –as usual, hha..

In the morning I cooked for breakfast but today, I was lazy to make it, so finally the taste is really bad, hha –lol, I cooked tumis tahu, and I forgot to put any sugar and salt, and then I put it when the food is done, and maybega keaduk jadi rasanya aneh, hha… SORRY, lalalalala… hha…

And after that, I just spent my whole time in my room, -alone, listening to music,, reading book, or googling some news, hha..

In the afternoon, I visited my grandmother, because she was sick –she fell in teras, so I come to see her condition, Alhamdulillah not to be serious ill, hhe..

Get Well Soon grandma, :)

So, I thought that’s all for today, hhe..

Thank’s for visiting … :) :)

Indri… :) :)

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