Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Train Your Dragon

After, I filled my day for study and study, a week ago,

Now I wanna refresh my brain with this movie, hha..

How to Train Your Dragon is a really good animation movie, it is created by DreamWorks Animation, in 2010. So I think, this movie stil new, hha.. –not too stale. Hha...

Synopsis :

This movie tells about a young man the descendants of Viking, named “Hiccup” who lives in an Island named Berk Island. All people in Berk Island doubting Hiccup when he face with a dragon. Because he is a thin boy and doesn’t have grim face. And even his dad is at once a leader of the tribe ever doubted Hiccup, if he can fight with a dragon or not as Viking.
In the first Hiccup so obsessed for proved himself on fight with a dragon, he always make a things that he think it can help him for facing a dragon. But, when he met with a dragon in a jungle, he can’t kill the dragon, seems like he saw himself on that dragon’s eyes –frightened eyes on that dragon, same as when humans see a dragon. Finaly Hiccup gives a name for that dragon “Toothless”, and after that they became friend. Hiccup learn anything about dragon from Toothless, He wanted to change others mind about dragon that must be killed, dragon can be made as a good friend too.. Finaly Hiccup bring a big change in Berk Island.

I love the scene that Toothless try to smile, hha...


Watch The trailer 

source : youtube/MoviePI
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Well, it’s really late, hha..

I just celebrate it now!! IT’S DONE!! –EXAM WEEK!! Hha..

UAS is OVER!! YEE!!! Hha.. late posting... :'(

The card has already fulfilled with autographs, that means UAS has been completed, -just waiting for the score, hha...

Teachers guard room 13
Monday : Pa Ukas – Bu Erna
Tuesday : Pa Samsul – Bu Yayu
Wednesday : Bu Ely – Pa Lutfi
Thursday : Bu Faiz – Bu Ane
Friday : Pa Rahmat – Pa Waskito
Saturday : Pa Midi – Bunda
Monday : Pa Waskito – Pa David

Thanks for the teachers, hhe...

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


YAA... ga kerasa kalo besok indri udah mau ulangan UJIAN AKHIR SEMESTER lagi!!! Ga kerasa kalo indri udah menjalani setengah dari kelas 3 ini,,,


1st day : chemistry – indonesian language
2nd day : biology – civic
3rd day : mathematic – religion
4th day : physics – PLH
5th day : TIK – sundanese
6th day : english – japanese
7th day : history – sport

bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīmi :)

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