Thursday, July 21, 2011

So,, SG –finaly..

Posted on 20.07.2011(sorry, late posted there was a problem with my internet conection)

Maybe I’ve wrote in this blog, that I confused on choosing course place, hhe..

So finally, I asked to my mom to choose it for me, what the best for me, “it’s up to you MOM” but my mom said “who want to attend that course, it’s me or you??” then I answered “I confused mom,, up to you, if you wont to choose it for me, fine I’ll study “only” at home”. So FINALLY my mom said “*sigh fine, tomorrow I’ll go to several course place and choose it for you”.. OKAY.. I’LL WAIT IT.. hhe..

Dan pada tanggal 20.07.2011 sayapun mendaftar ke sebuah tempat Bimbel yang ada di Bogor, yaitu SG a.k.a Salemba Group, my mom interested with this place because she heard about this place from her friends, and she think if this place is good enough and the cost is still reachable for her. 

So,, after long searching(deulieh.. hha..) I become Salemba Group student at Reguler class, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Hhe… (semoga tempatnya enak dan gurunyapun enak, hha…) –amin..

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