Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1st day without my mom…

Based on news that I got yesterday, today my mom will going to Bandung for following “Penataran”. So, since this morning my mom prepared anything that should she bring and put it to her bag, and also waking me up earlier than usual. Before she go, she give me some of “wejangan” about anything that I must do everyday when she is not here, like sweeping floor, making breakfast-lunch-dinner, make a cup of tea for my dad when he arrived from his company, and else.

Yaa.. at 08.00 o’clock. I’m LONELY, laalaalaalaalaa..

After dropping my mom, I don’t know what should I do, so… I continue my sleep.. hha… ~lazy…

At 11.00 o’clock I took a bath, after that sweeping floor, nanak nasi, washing dishes, watching television while playing aksi(my laptop). I had sent a message to my friends and asked to play, but she can’t make it today she’s already have appointment with her friends, hhoo..

Today, I just stay calmly in my home. Hha.
but, tomorrow I’ll play with my friends and also get new friend, hhe.. ~can’t wait it..

Thanks for visiting … :)
Indri … :)

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