Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July

In the first day in June, I spent my time with my friends(finally) hhe.. 

My friend Citra and I, at 11am we agreed to meet in front of Town Hall (Balai Kota), according to our plan we’ll went to my course first for paying the fee then we play. We didn’t take long time for did the payment, after that, we decided for spent our time at Botani Square. Well, in Bogor I don’t have any idea(where we should spent our time if it’s not in mall) hhe.. moreover why we chose that place we have appointment for meeting Debby. But when we arrived at that place Debby has already gone, she said she left her handphone in her home, and when we called her, she already in his home, heem.. of course we felt a bit angry, why she just go home without giving us information first, heem..

But, finally, she told me if she will “go back” to Botani, hhe.. and then after we met her, we play together, heem… just eating out, sharing some story, window shoping, and else. Because of we still had some another plan, we decided for ended our activity, I still need to got to Lia for take new class, Debby want to meet with another friends, and Citra go home with her sister.

Yaa.. I think it’s better for me, than I just stayed all time in my home, doing anything, -so boring, hhe…

Thank you for visiting …
Indri … :)

Anyway sorry for unupdate story, sometimes there’s a problem with my internet conection, hhe..

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