Thursday, July 21, 2011


Because of not effective class since Monday, so it makes me feel bored when I was in school, because there’s nothing special, since Monday I always do the same everyday. Just sitting in canteen, chatting with friends, ngemil, walking around the school and “disperse” after zuhur.


Today I met Novi’s mom in angkot when I was on the way to Botani, hhe…

We went Botani for killing our bored time while waiting my course class at SG, I had afternoon class at SG. In Botani we had lunch at Solaria, I ordered “Kwetiaw Ayam Baso” and a glass of Sweet Tea a.k.a Teh manis, hhe.. I’m with Nda and Risma in Botani, after we felt full with our lunch as usual we did “window shopping” just looking not buying, hhe… done with window shopping we choose “FUN OKE” for next destination, for express our talent in singing, hha.. feel unsatisfied we continued to J.CO for having J.Cool for me, a glass of tiramisu for Nda and 2 pieces donuts for Risma. Talking about anything for killing our time, heem… fun.. and “extravagant”, hha…

16.40 I arrived at SG for my course, I prayed first before attend my class, for today I met new friend named “Dewi” from Smanda. Hopefully we can be good friends, hhe..

At SG I learned about Causative clause with Ms.Sena, yaa… So..So.., not to bad and not to good, hhe..

Hopefully SG can help me in studying,,

Lagi-Lagi gagal untuh hemat, hiks..hiks.. T.T

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