Monday, July 4, 2011


Today, I get some unexpected things, since this morning,,


1st, I got from my mom who suddenly must going to Bandung for “PENATARAN” for 1 week!! And it’s meant I must take care of all house duty, even in my house I have my big brother but… I don’t think so he will help me. Hooooaaaah… when my mom arrived, she became busysuddenly for preparing anything, because tomorrow morning the travel car will pick her up. 

2nd, today I made account in “polyvore” hha.. I don’t know why? However I don’t really like about that stuff. I just boring and remember it. Hha.. and it’s my first work !!! hha…

Click here to see it (I don’t know how to download the picture hhe.. sorry -.-“ )

Yaa.. hha...
3rd, when my mom ask about “when I start new class on LIA” and I just realize that today is 4th July, and today is the day for me to come back to LIA as student in CV-5, my teacher in CV-5 is Ms.Ruth,, hhe..

4th, it’s really surprise me!!! Hha.. it’s about my LIA’s teacher. If yesterday I met with him with his girlfriend in restaurant and today I got news if he will marry his girlfriend in this month, hha… shock… reallyyyyyy!!!! (dan setau indri “he” itu baru bentar ketemu ama “she” tapi yaa.. kageeet ajaa… sabar ya untuk kakakku hhe…)

Hha.. really unexpected!!!

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  1. haaha . . .firstly, aku add contact polyvore kamu yang ndri. secondly, aku sepertinya tau siapa orangnya u/ yang '4th' :D ahaha