Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Day :)

Today, I went to Ekalokasari Plaza a.k.a Elos with Utha and Ina(Utha’s friend).

When I arrived at Elos, first destination is Gramedia, meeting Ina for the 1st time, hha.. after I saw her, she is quite person, not talk active and make me confused what should I do or I say to her, hha.. when I saw her seems like I see my old friends, they are same = they are collect anime character, like to read comic, and I think they not think to much when they spent their money (but not the gender) hha… -it’s my first impression about her, heem..

After Gramedia I visited Multi –a store that sell some of anime character, food replicas, car replicas, plane and else replicas for accompanied Utha. And we continued to foud court maybe we can have good time with chatting something or just eating together. Ina ordered a plate of set from Hoka Hoka Bento, and Utha and I wanted to eat Takoyaki, but Takoyaki booth was closed, so we just sit and have chat with others.

Finished chatting and eating we went to Food Mart for buy something yummy, hee..

- malibu (chocolate biscuit with nut and dry raisin)
- monggo chocolate (utha said if monggo chocolate is good, so I want to try it, chocolate dark 58%)
- fantasy candies from candy booth
- bills on Hoka Hoka Bento Pajajaran, Bogor

After we bought some yummy foods, we decided for go home, but utha and I went to Hoka Hoka Bento because we were hungry, hha…

I arrived in my home at 15.30, I turned on my television and waiting for “You are My Destiny” Korean Drama.
And at 18.15, I went to Lia for following my English Course with Ms.Ruth as my teacher, and you know?? I won a game in Lia, I got reward from it, and it is…

Hhe.. thank you Ms.

Happy Day, with Good Feeling.. Hha..

Thanks for visiting … :)
Indri … :)

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