Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Want MORE!!!

Still on serious mood(hha..) because of FINAL EXAM this week!! 

I started my day with 50 problems of Envrionment Education and  40 problems of Sundanese Language + write 4 paragraph. YAP, today I met with them for my exam, heem.. there’s a lil’ bit problem on Sundanese Language that’s a lot of question about “paribasa”, I can’t memorize it. Heem…

After I done my exam today I have german course, BUT, before I went to German Course FINALLY I ate Korean Food!! Hha.. yaa.. that’s my dream for eating Korean food even that is still in my country Indonesia but I really want to try it!! Hha..

My Friends and I went to that place and ordered 4 foods, they are :

Gimbab, this is seems like sushi, but this is sushi Korean version. ~Rp 15.000
 A package of Bulgogi, maybe in Indonesia it seems like Semur with different way on processing and also different recipe. ~Rp 22.000
Tokpoki, it called Rice Cake and it so Yummy!! Hha.. ~16.000
Udong, it’s flat noodles (mie gepeng) with delicious soup. ~17.000
Ice Boricha, it’s Korean tea, maybe I can say the taste like cingcau water but it’s better than cingcau water and the smells is good. Hha.. ~Rp 3.000

After I done to try all of that food, I went to my German course, hha..


AND I WANT MORE!! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe (Korean food I meant)

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