Monday, June 20, 2011

again, please FIX it!

So, today! Finally, I have something that I want to share with all readers, hhe.. :)

This morning, my friend called me and asked me about eating something together, because I haven’t eaten anything since this morning, So I agree to join with them. And I asked to my friends, “which restaurant that they choose”. And the answered is at Pizza Hut, Jambu Dua –Bogor.

For the first time, I just “sigh” why they choose that place, I don’t like about the service on that restaurant, even the food is good!! Heem.. but if it has bad service, -I don’t think so….

Just info, I don’t like about the service, why there’s a different service for student/children and for adult/parent that come with their children. I’ve eaten in this restaurant and I felt uncomfortable with the service that they gave for us. Okay, I know I just a High School Student, but why we(student) should wait so long for our food that we ordered, and when I saw my next table is a parents with their children, they got the food erlier than us (and that time I ordered erlier than the parents), and there’s a different attitude on serving, for parents the waitress is so friendly, full of smile and more over the waitress give a recommendation about the food. And for us (student) when we ordered they just standing beside our table, looking what we look, NO smile, NO recommendation,and even they didn’t say it, I could see their face like telling us to choose foods that we order fastly, IT’S DIFFERENT SERVICE RITE??? UNDERESTIMATE!!!! I DON’T LIKE IT!!! REALLY!!!

I think we have enough money for paid what we order, so don’t be like that, and PLEASE FIX IT.

So, FINALLY, I went there again today, and it happened again, and even worse I got a plate that still dirty that was a spot of sauce in my plate. Heem.. disappointed,

hopefully when I come to that place again, they’ve change and not make their guest leave this restaurant,,

thanks for visiting …
Indri … :)