Saturday, June 25, 2011



Since this morning, I felt uneasy, heem.. my mother has already make some noisy sounds, (she was angry with my big brother!!! and if she get angry to one person then she will share his anger to another) itu yang ga indri suka!! Yang salah satu orang eeeh… malah kena semua!! Apa semua ibu-ibu kaya gitu??? Heem…

I just stayed at my room while hearing her anger to anyone in this house, both of to me, to my dad, and to my big brother!! Aarrghh!!! Fortunately, my mom has a business in Jakarta, so, it’s not take more longer time then I’m free from that..

Anyway, today I have appointment with my friends school for talking about our plan having holiday together, the appointment at 11am, but I’ve gone to there on 11.15, hhe.. (sorry friends!!!)tapi kanyanya gaperlu dikatakan,when I arrived at Ewok (the place that we have appointment) I just saw 2 people sats on one table, they are Debby and Idah, (ngaret!!!) heem… the meeting not going well, not too much people who attend our appointment, we stuck on making decision on chosing the place, one people said “no Beach”, another one said “I want Beach”, and “I follow you!!”, “it’s up to you”, “I want Resort”, “I want villa”, “I want outdoor activity”, “I want this”,”I want that” and else, it’s make me dizy,, and that’s something that makes me more dizy,,(kenapa nyari ribut segala pas keadaan kaya gini? Kenapa juga lu yang marah, padahal lu yang salah, kita udah coba tungguin lo, tapi lo datengnya ngaret banget, kita janjian jam 11 sedangkan jam 2 lu masih dijalan, pas gua ajak ngomong baik baik, lu malah nyolot duluan!! Di sms gua udah pake bahasa yang baik biar lu ga emosi karena gua gamau nyari ribut, eeeh… lunya yang nyari ribut, fine gua gabakal ngeladenin lu karena bakal panjang) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Okee, sorry about that,,

It makes me become worse and worse!!

After we finished it, we went to Bogor Junction for playing Ludo in Foud Court!! It was really fun!! Well, makes me better, Thanks for Debby, Ica, and Idah who make me better this day,, hhe…

And also big thanks for you readers,,, :)
Indri…. :)  

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