Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Finally!! after long time, Today!!! I met with my favorite seafood!! –udah lama indri mendambakan makan Kepiting, tapi belum kesampean juga, tapi AKHIRNYA!!! Hari ini aku menemukannya, hha..

Special thanks for my older brother and my parents!!!! Hhe…

Anyway today is my brother’s birthday, he is 27th man now. heem… udah cocok jadi seorang bapak dia!! Hhe…

“happy birthday!”
“happy birthday!”
“happy birthday!”
“happy birthday!”
“happy birthday!”
“happy birthday my brother!!”

hopefully you get a better live, and also get job as soon as possible, and become a mature person. Amin.. :)

Yaapp.. because of him!!!! Today I met with my lovely MR.CRAB!! hhe..
I ate a plate of Crab with rice!!! –alone!!!

Delicious!! and Satisfied!! Hhe…
This is my story on May,29th 2011 

Thaks for visiting … :)
Indri … :)

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