Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After Physics and CIT

Today,, I still do my FINAL EXAM, yaa.. since Monday this week I have Final Exam till’ Monday next week, “too long isn’t it?” heem.. 

Yaa.. today I met physics and CIT for my exam, and “again” I must said it “I still wanna cry when I met with this subject –physics” is hard for understanding this lesson. I don’t know why it’s because of the teacher or the material! But I still stuck on this subject.

And you can guess it!! I think I get remedial for this subject, because when first time I saw the question and try to answer it, I just fill 23 problems from 40 problems, and just guessing for another 17 problems. It so terrible!!! How can I just guessing for some question like that!! I felt disappointed to me for making a big mistake like that!! Huaaaa….. hopefully I have big lucky this day!! Hha…

And for CIT, I think there’s no big problem, hhe..

After I done my exam this day, I went to Bogor Junction for eating Froyo “Yoghurt” it so yummy!! And make me better, hhe..

Thanks for Froyo, hha..

And also for you, who visiting my blog … :)
Indri … :)  

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