Friday, May 6, 2011

in school :))

Actually I don’t know what should I share for today, because today I just played together with my friends in scholl, hha.. I just had 3 subjects on this day, they are Civic, Chemistry and the last is Japanese.

In the morning I was felt crazy because (actually) I had chemist test today about “Buffer Solution and hydrolysis” but alhamduliilah it was delay till’ next Monday, hha.. when I entered the first subject –Civic class, I just sit in my chair with my group listening the presentation about Israel-Palestine. And Alhamdulillah-again my group not being the first group for did it. Hha… and after that I had exercise for chemistry and very lazy for done it and finaly till’ the bell was rang I just finished about 3 number from 5 number, hha… after chemistry class done I went to canteen for ate anything on there, hha.. the last subject is Japanese and today is guessing quiz, so I just played on that class even we still learn something from that quiz. Hha..

I had Dutch course today, so after school time I went to Merdeka for followed Dutch course with Debby and Citra, finished for that course I accompanied Debby went to BTM for buying something, and then go home in the end.

(seems like report isn’t it??) hha..

Thank’s for visiting … :) :) Indri … :)

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