Sunday, May 1, 2011

Korean Movie

Today I watched Korean Movie-again, hha… and the title is “SAD MOVIE” it’s GOOD movie, even this is my second time for watched it, I’m still feel sad and then cry, because the plot of story is so touching and so sad, hha..

I recommend it to you guys.. hha… :)

Synopsis :

Sad Movie is about 4 stories which connect between one story with another story.

The first story is about Jin-Woo who work as a fireman, he dating a girl who works as sign language translator named Su-Jung, there is only one reason that makes their relationship difficult to forward into marriage level. Jin-Woo refused to quit his profession which dangerous and oftenly make his girlfriend Su-Jung worry.

The second story is about Su-eun, younger sister of Su-jung which mute and has a scar on her cheek, eventough Su-eun always support her sister Su-jung and her boyfriend to get married, Su-eun also has her own problem, when she working in theme park as a clown, she fell in love with young artist Sang-gyu, but because of her limitations she can’t get closer to Sang-gyu, and always approach Sang-gyu with her costume.

Ju-Yung is the 3rd character in this movie, she is a hard worker mom and because of that makes she always arguing with her son Hwi-chan. The situation began to change wen Ju-Yung hospitalized due to hit by car, Hwi-chan started to read his mom diary which tell about his (Hwi-Chan) birth until now he grew up, and the situations become worse when Hui-chan knew his mom get cancer

Last story is about a man named Ha-seok that works odd job everyday as a target of boxing and also as a messenger, he dit it just for his girlfriend who want a boyfriend that have stable job, and that he can take back his love.

Director :

Kwon Jong-Kwan

Cast :

Jung Woo-sung as Jin-Woo

Im Su-jeong as Su-Jung

Shin Min-ah as Su-eun

Lee Ki-woo as Sang-gyu

Yeom Jung-ah as Ju Yung

Yeo Jin-Goo as Hwi Chan

Che Tae-hyun as Ha-seok

Son Tae-young as Suk-hyun

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