Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yesterday …

YESTERDAY, I didn’t post anything in this blog, caused by light extinguished or mati lampu. So I couldn’t concect with internet yesterday, it started from 16.00 till night maybe at 10pm, heem.. so bored.. ~lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala..
I just want to share movie that I watched yesterday, it is “Crazy Llittle Thing Called Love”, the story talked about teens love and friendship in teens, so FUN!! Just try to watc it, Thailand movie –again.. :)

The synopsis :
There is a girl named Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol), she is wearing glasses and dark-skinned 14 years old girl like an ugly duck. Secretly fell in love with her senior in her High School named Chon (Mario Maurer), Chon is the most popular in her school.

During one summer, Nam try so hard to change herself become a beautiful girl, she throw her glasses and try anything to make her skin white, finally she success to change become beautiful swan and not become ugly duck anymore. She got role of Snow white on school drama and become a majorette for marcing band on her school.

He makes all boys in love with her, except Chon, at least that’s what he thought..

Chon (Mario Maurer) - Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol)

Really FUN when I watched it, and this time is my second time, hha.. even the second time I still like it, hha…

Thanks for visiting … :)

Indri … :) :)

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  1. yeah,,
    i watched too,,

    Shone's so stupid, i was angry to him,,
    why his not told the truth?

    but overall.. this is a great movie
    hha :D