Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st Day at School!!!

In the morning I felt lazy for go to school, beside I still want to SLEEP –but I can’t. I stiil need to wake up and prepare for go to school, heem...

When I arrived at School, as usual it was still empty, because I came too early, hhe..

Hari pertama aja indri udah disuruh presentasi coba, dan kalian taulah hasilnya “tidak memuaskan”!!! karena indri juga belum baca materinya!!! SEDIH!!! UDAH GITU FILMNYA aneh lagi!!! AAAAAHHHH... PENGEN NGULANG RASANYA!!! SUMPAH TADI TUH JELEK BANGET!!! HUAAA....

But, beside that “bad” presentation I still HAPPY because I can meet –again with my friends and chat and laugh together, hhe..

I don’t know why, but today I felt REALLY TIRED AND THIRSTY, HHE.. however before today I think “holding thirsty” it’s not a hard thing, but for today IT’S REALLY HARD, hhe..

Yaa.. maybe I need time for adaptation (hha.. apalah ini pake adaptasi segala)hha..

And in the afternoon I went to SG for my BIMBEL, hhe..


Thanks for visiting ... :)
Indri ... :)

Happy Fasting!! :)

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