Thursday, August 4, 2011

Really Excited!!!

Even this day I felt really tired because of my daily activity in school and ext, but after I saw NEW MV from Super Junior –Mr Simple, I really EXCITED!!! Hha..

Kyuhyun in this MV – COOL, HANDSOME ~MENGGODA DEUH!! Hha.. walaupun cuma sedikit T.T tetap saja MENGGODA, hha.. (geuleuh deh indri!!!)

Heem.. actually when I saw the teaser, I’ve ever thought would be REALLY COOL!!! And ABSOLUTELY!!! SURELY IT’S RIGT!! Hahahahahahahaha...
Wanna see it??

Click here to see it in their official chanel.

Untill the 3rd times I play it, I never feel bored to see them!! HHA.. again and again till I bored, hha.. (Lebay ya?? Bodo ah!!) hhe...

Thanks for visiting!!! :)
Indri ... :)

Happy Fasting,,, ;)
*lumayan buat penyegar kala puasa, hha..

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