Monday, August 8, 2011


(posted on August 6th 2011, I have problem with my laptop and the connection, so I just post it now, hhe..) sorry :)

In the morning I wake up late again!! Hha.. yaa because today is Saturday, I haven’t anything that I have to do.

Today, I felt lil bit angry with my dad that not allowed me for went to Taken for following “obscura” in there, and the matery is interesting!!! About editing with “ADOBE PHOTOSHOP – MONTAGE” hikss,, want to join so badly!! T.T

My dad said I must followed the good one than just playing with friends!!! (emangnya ngumpul ekskul maen apa?? Orang belajar juga belajar edit foto!!!) kesel,kesel!!! So,, finally in the afternoon I went to SG for my Bimbel, and not join Obscura –even I want!! Hiks..hiks..

In the night, my dad bought me an ice cream, but I know it’s just “sogokan”, so I refused it!!! Kesel...Kesel...Kesel... :@:@:@

*kayanya puasa indri amalannya gabener hari ini, atuh da gawena ambek wae!! Hha..

Thanks for visiting!!!
Indri ... :)

Happy Fasting!! :)

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