Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What’s the best JOB in this world??

Well,, today I cameback into my english course “LIA” and I meet with EAH and LINTANG again. And My teacher for this term is MR.WISNU –hha.... 

and NOW I’m interested in writing about “this topic”... actually this topic came up when I was studying in my english course. because I’m a student in CV-6 now, so I should increase my ability in speaking,answering,making dialogue, etc.. so today my teacher asked me to give an opinion about “What’s the best JOB in this world?”

So.. maybe if someone ask me about it, I’ll answer “TEACHER”, why?? So many people assume if being a teacher is really easy. Only bring the books into the class, teaching about the matter in book and then give the student exercise and homework and so on. But I think, being a teacher is not as simple as we think. Teacher take an important role in forming new generation, with their hands they can change someone that nothing become something, from unknowledge become knowledge, they give us something new. And we also know if a teacher is a noble profession. But sometimes we forget about that and always making mistake to them.. hha... ~sorry...

Say thank you for all theachers in this world!!!

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Indri ... :)

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