Monday, October 3, 2011

Everything in 3rd Grade

Well,, being a 3rd grade student it’s really hard, everyday and everything we have to study,(bored?? fed up? tired? of course!!! but what can we do??).Task,homework or exam that must be done asap. Maybe it was right if someone said “live in 3rd grade is tired” anything that we have to do is “STUDY AND STUDY” seems like there is no time for play. 

Today my counnseling teacher came to my class and gave us information. As if she warning us for STUDY HARDER AND HARDER!!! Because there is no time for relax and idle stay sit comfortably. There are so many books we have to read before March comes. We must refresh our mind from the materials in 1st and 2nd grade. And of course we MUST FOCUS too... our materials in 3rd grade that we’re studying now.

The teacher told us if we have all subjects for UAS, and 6 subjects (MIPA,Indonesian Language and English) for UAN!!
And you know what??? The goverment prepare 5 types paper question for one class they are A.B.C.D.E, it was done (like that) for improving the quality of graduation, and for minimizing the student from cheating, because that means, maybe only 2 or 3 students that have same paper question.

I know it was important!! But why it must be 5 TYPES??? IT’S REALLY HARD!! And make me more stress!!! Huuaaa...

And more over, before we have UN and US we have Try Out. And TO will be held in 3 level : school level, city level and university level. Huuaa..... and then after that we must do the test if we want to go to university!!!

Halah..Halah... It’s really complicated!!!


Play hard STUDY HARDER!!!

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