Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sabtu ini itu ya indri boros banget, I spent a lot of money on this day, more than 50 thousand rupiahs, ehm.. but even I spent a lot of money, I felt happy in this Saturday, it’s like refreshing day, before I do MIDDLE TEST at school…

Early in the morning I have been stayed at my course for follow course, actually I have 4 hours to complete it and it’s divided into 2 section, from 7 till’ 9 and then I get rest time about 10 minutes and started again till’ 11pm. But, today I skip one section, because I must went to school for followed my extracurricular. At school I learn about photo studio using lighting that usually we see at studio photo. I enjoyed it. I get some picture with my friend, I like it, hha..

I get back at 1 pm, then I took rest time till 2pm, because at 2.30 I have appointment with Utha to go to Yoyga Junction, we wanted eat Ramen, hha.. I heard from my friend Yogya has Ramen on the food court, so I went to there.

Di Yogya, kita langsung naik ke atas dan langsung ke tempat Ramennya, namanya DAIJI RAMEN, and then we must choosing the menu, when we saw the menu. INDRI GA NGERTI APAAN ITU MAKANAN, macem macem judulnya, setelah nanya nanya ama si mbanya, akhirnya kita memilih 1 ramen bentuknya…

“Yun Chikwa Daiji Ramen – 33.000 :)”

Enaaak,, pengen lagi… hha..

Setelah selesai makan kita berfoto foto ria..

Utha – Indri

Novi… kalo ada novi tambah lengkap…

After eating Ramen, we continue to do WINDOW SHOPPING, just see!! We saw bags, shoes, clothes, ext.. finished with window shopping, we went to Bogor Botani Square to accompanied Utha buy a new stuff (bag or watch) but, finally she just got a bag, not with the watch.. but we feel Happy..

Hha.. SENANGNYA… :) :)

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