Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Tired Day

Today, It’s a really exaushted DAY, why?? Because I have ONE FULL DAY IN OTSIDE my home, I went home at night, and felt TIRED so badly.

After school time in the afternoon, I played with my friend to Bogor Junction for playing PUMP IT –again, hha.. I’m addicted with it, heem.. It’s like a fun things that I’ve try. Playing while waiting for my course time, ON EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY I have English course at LIA, and I take Night Class, because I don’t like morning class on Saturday. SO, I must take the responsibility if I must face with ONE FULL DAY, like TODAY, hha.. but I enjoyed it. After a tired day I always sleep thightly and wake up in the morning with new fresh body (hha.. it’s to over) actually I still feel sleepy when I wake up in the morning the day after I had one ful day, hha..

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