Monday, November 22, 2010

an ORDINARY girl

I'm just an ordinary girl who living with all the usual things.

I'm just an ordinary girl who always dreamed to get a perfect life,

have everything I want, and loved by many people,
It will be sad to realize that I'm just an ordinary girl children who doesn't have anything, I'm just a big dreamer!

I'm just an ordinary girl who doesn't know how to express, I always express all of my with flat condition, so my life has not much color, sometimes I hate myself that this quiet, and sometimes I like myself that this quiet,

I wanted to be a happy child and always laughing and always looked happy but in reality I'm just a girl who is always watching the other kids laughing and happy because I could not be like that,

I want to have a brain that have smart DNA and make my parent proud of me,
I want to be a master on everything that I learned with little difficulty,
but the fact is I'm just an ordinary girl who always dreamed of having a smart brain, but it was not as smart as my brain that I want
, I thought it was too ordinary.

HHE .. if I complain too much?
That's me,

I wanted to change my life for the better, and feel of real life and also live with more happiness.

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