Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hha.. Actually I feel bored with blogspot.com, I feel bored to always keep update a newest posting in this blog,, but NOW I start to afresh my mind to keep managing this blog, because I think it’s still have advantages for me, and after along time to think (alah lebay). In this blog I can spill out what I think on my mind, hha.. and I can sharing to another people with this bog, Why I changed my mind to CONTINUE managing this blog?? And the reasons are ..

One day my friend ask me when I will write a newest posting in my blog, but I “always” said I DON’T KNOW maybe If I’m in a mood to write I will write it, and she said “ooh.. so you make it just only for your ASIGMENT? Just only to get mark on your report? And I just laugh to respond it. Hhe..

And on another day, I’m on chit-chat with my friends, and one of my friend ask the same question “why I’m lazy to posting a newest in my blog” and I answered with the same reason, and she said “you always like that, you can’t be focus on one thing,if you get tired and bored you just leave it, like blog, you just make it and leave it easily, why don’t you continue to write? Maybe you can get some benefit from that” and I just said “ooh.. iia ya??” and after that she said “but it’s up to you, it’s your blog, hhe..”

And on another day –again, my teacher course said to me, that he saw my blog and he said “it’s good” I think you can share anything good to another people. Hha… I get surprised because I don’t think if my teacher will be see my blog, my teacher in my school too, he said “just continue to write”.

After a lot of some advice and motivation for me,

FINALY, I turn back to this blog and keep writing useful posting on this blog. Hha..

THANK YOU. makasih. Danke. nuhun. :)

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