Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watching Time!!! ~hha...

I find this MOVIE when I was browsing and I think it’s interesting, hha... I wanna watch this movie because one of the cast is JAY PARK, yeeyeeyeee... hha...


Synopsis :
Goo Joo is a music executive work with Star Music who left Korea after one of her idol group members died caused an accident on one of music program, then 3 years later she returns to Korea, when she was at airport her suitcase is lost, and accidentally find by Yuu Jin who work as tour guide.
Actually Yuu-Jin is a member of band, who trained by Star music a years ago, but because Hee Moon (head of Star Music) unsatisfied with Yuu-Jin band performance, then Star Music kicked out his band. And after that Yuu Jin do several part time job to get money and perform with his band in a bar at night.

Goo Joo return to Star Music wanted to remake Mr.Children but Hee Moon refused it, so finally Goo Joo make her own entertainment named Champion Ent. She try to gathered back Mr.Children members, but they still need a lead vocal so she open an audition to find it.

Yuu Jin and his band followed this audition, they surprise they meet again after the arrangement returning Goo Joo suitcase. Then Yuu Jin and his band started to sing, after Goo Joo listen their song. Goo Joo said she only want accept Yuu Jin and no with the band. Yuu Jin refused her request and then he left.

The day after audition, Yuu Jin band decided to disband the members left they think there’s no hope to success.

Goo Joo not easily to give up, she follow Yuu Jin everyday, persuade him to become a lead vocal for Mr.Children.

Is she success to persuade him?? And what then?? –just watch it and u’ll find the answer, hha...

Watch this movie online in here or this (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) :)

credit : applejeanmiao -youtube, oumae0025 -youtube

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