Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

At Satnite yesterday, I watch this movie with my brother and his girlfriend, hha... “SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN” YEEEE....!!!

Sebenernya tujuan jalan sih buat nyari barang buat kado si abang yang ulang taun 29 May, tapiiii ga ketemu yaudah deh jadinya kita bertiga cuma muter-muter terus makan dan terakhir nonton, yeeepppeee!!! Hha...

Honestly this is my first time watched at midnight time at elos, hha... ~masih rame ko lumayan yang nonton, dan “ternyata” lebih asik nonton midnight daripada siang hari, hhe... *okecukupcurhatnya

And now!! About the MOVIE,

Well,, I just lil’ bit dissapointed with this movie, hhe... why?? The ending is not what I expected, hhe... I think the stepmother is too easy to be killed and die,

But I still like this movie, and why I looking forward to this movie? Because one of the cast is Kristen Steward so I just corious how she act in this movie –beside at twilight saga and zathura, hhe...

Pic :

Click the picture to watch the trailer :)

Synopsis :

Not too different with the original story that we used to know when we were child, there’s a girl name Snow White who is the prettiest girl in the world, and there’s a women who is obsessed become the prettiest girl in the world, heard theres another girl that prettiest than her, he wanted to kill snow white with many was, one of her ways is order one of huntsman to find snow white.

Wanna complete story?? Just watch it,, hha...

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