Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The DAY!!! Hhaaa.. (II)

Beside I have test today, today WFP realease new episode for Away we Happened, hha.. 

Well, today I wanna share about my favorite youtubers, hha... do you know WongfuProduction?? Maybe some of you know it, hhe... yaa,, they always make some video about anything : comedy, drama, mv, etc. And now they were working on one project named “Away We Happened”

Away We Happened is web series, there’s only 6 episode make in 6 weeks. And I like it, it’s different with others, wongfu production involve us (viewer) to help them on making story, we just give the comment and let others vote our comment, and the most voted comment will make into new episode. And I think it’s new and fun,  hha..

Just try it, share ur idea!!!

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Indri ... :)

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