Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello.. I’m back!!! Hha..

It has long time since I dindn’t post anything in this blog,because my schedule in school it’s tight full for one week, so I felt tired and I lost my mood to post anything in this blog, hha…

But, TODAY!! I want to share my story,, hha.. FINALY! I did it!! –learning new language, Dutch language… hha..

That’s my dream from long time ago,

I following a course with my schoolmate, Citra and Debby, I think we have same interest to study new language –that is DUTCH!! And I hope one day we can go to Germany for real!! Hha..

My course place name CIA, about the place, it’s little uncomfortable for us, but we get good teacher, names Frau Sassy, She is still a collage student in UI with Germany Langunge for her major, SO, from now, I have 2 courses that I must attend on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday/ Friday!! Hha.. I think it’ll make me more bussy now,,

Hopefuly I can manage my time, hhe..

That’s all for today!!

HHE.. thank’s for reading my daily report..

Keep seeing my blog everyday, and Insyaallah there’s something new everyday, :)

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