Friday, February 11, 2011

It’s Friday

Listening Big Bang Song, now I start to share my daily life.

Ehm.. actually today I have Dutch course at CIA, but I skip this course for today, it has a little bit problem about the schedule,

So, today I went to Botani Square with Debby and Hime, for window shoping and accompanied Debby for bought her daily needs, AND we make a plan for “eating together at Hansuki” maybe oneday, hha.. When we have a lot of money!! After that we played Pump It Up.. and I met with my bestfriend Novi and Izza..

And in the afternoon, My mother treat me at AMPERA, hha..

That’s all that I get today, hhe.. Hopefully I can meet another fun day again…

Danke… :) :)

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