Saturday, December 17, 2011


Well, it’s really late, hha..

I just celebrate it now!! IT’S DONE!! –EXAM WEEK!! Hha..

UAS is OVER!! YEE!!! Hha.. late posting... :'(

The card has already fulfilled with autographs, that means UAS has been completed, -just waiting for the score, hha...

Teachers guard room 13
Monday : Pa Ukas – Bu Erna
Tuesday : Pa Samsul – Bu Yayu
Wednesday : Bu Ely – Pa Lutfi
Thursday : Bu Faiz – Bu Ane
Friday : Pa Rahmat – Pa Waskito
Saturday : Pa Midi – Bunda
Monday : Pa Waskito – Pa David

Thanks for the teachers, hhe...

Thank you for visiting ...
Indri.. :)

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