Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Story from August...

Well... I think this mont full of playing, hha...

So many event that I’ve done both with family and friend,

And today I wanna share my story with u bout “my first time at The Jungle Water Park” hha... norak ya...?? bodo aah.. hha...

The day before I’ve done my routine treatment and moreover I got alergy shots, so I think this is my chance to feel it, so... finaly I came with my cousin and nephew to that place, hha... :D

And here we are ... :D

Indri – Ulfa :D

Indri – Bilah (Ulfa’s sister) :D *she’s junior high school student but she’s taller than me #sad hikss... T.T hha... :p

Hey parrot why you’re not looking at me? fufufufufufu~ like others.. 

Ulfa and Bilah have good pic but not with me, hha...

me - ulfah :D

Sister’s time, hha... :D

Blur on ulfah side heeem... u’re not good fotographer bang!! hha.. :p

Called Kia and she’s 4 years old, and her hobby is eating hha.. and she’s cute –really really really and really cute

Called salwa and she’s 6 years old, and FYI, salwa is kia’s sister but look her body she is thinner than kia, hha... whether what salwa eat always taken by kia? Hha... –kidding... :p

My brother with Kia :D

My brother – me – Ulfah – Kia

My brother with kia *but kia looks so busy with her food, hha... –poor you bang :p

Kia’s time ... 

Salwa’s time

My Brothers and Ulfa :D

My Brothers and I :D

I just wanna tell you here’s my uncle and my aunt hha...

it's me.. :D

Bilah – Bang Irsan – Ulfah – Bang Ilham

Bilah – Bang Irsan – Me – Ulfah 

Ulfa’s Family :D

Really fun, one day playing with water in crowded place, hha... next time we’ll play again,, see yaa... :D

Thanks for visiting...
Indri ... :D

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