Sunday, July 1, 2012

First day in July

Day by day gone so fast, today is in July -1st July

My Julywish : success in PTN and enter Public University, then I can make my parents proud of me, understand “Social Subject-Pelajaran IPS” ASAP, hopefully I can start my bussiness with my friend, making new clothing store named Black For Swan –BFS, finding “new” Mr.Right, hha...

Anyway, today I wanna share some photos of mine and my friends, this photo taken by me at Surya Kencana –Bogor. There was an old building that has good view, so at 28th June, we went there, but in wrong time, hha.. we went there at 12pm (pada saat panas-panasnya!! Huua...) I recomend this place but you should go in the afternoon –evening at 3pm~ not in daylight because it was so HOT!!! Hha...

Bogor – Surya Kencana
Taken from the top floor of building -7th floor

Caca & Rindanis –our model, hha~

Renren, Mia and Me –as photographer
And the final touch,, -weird me!!! hha...


thanks for visiting ...
Indri ... :)

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