Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Wanna cry!! It’s me when I saw the question, hha..

Yap!! Today I had TO in my school, and today subject was PHYSIC, the one and the only one subject that I can’t understand till now, even I don’t what for?? That subject must be learn by us?? Hhe..

There was 40 problems in front of me, and BLANK in my mind when I faced it. 2 hours it’s too short for me for answered all question, in the first minutes I just answered 1 question and the next minutes I just waiting something falling from the sky!! Hha.. means – don’t know what to do, because all formula that I’ve learn before seems disappear to somewhere.. hhu...

Physic makes me bad,, hhu... T.T

Hopefully, I can be a master of physic,, hha... ~oneday...


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Indri ... :)

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