Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heartbreak Library

-Heartbreak Library-

Okee,,, today I wanna share about Korean Movie ­–as usual hha... and the title is “HEARTBREAK LIBRARY”, I found this movie interesting, because this movie has one key word about the story, the key word is “look up into page 198”.

Tells about a young man who is trying to find the meaning of the message given her lover. Her lover only give a piece of paper and in the paper it’s written “look up into page 198”. The man named Kim Jun Oh, every day he went to the library trying to figure out what's on page 198, even he ripped pages 198 in each book, finally he was caught by the librarian (Jo Eun Soo) when he was ripped a page of book. Shortly, Eun Soo help Jun Oh to find the meaning of that message, so what happen then?? Just watch it!! Hha...

The Main Cast :
Eugene as Jo Eun Soo

Lee Dong Wook as Kim Jun Oh

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