Wednesday, March 30, 2011


YESTERDAY, I can’t post anything in this blog, because, I didn’t have much time to make it, I have been busy with biology and anything else.

Yesterday I did my mid test and the subect is Japanese, Civic and CIT. And the result is ...

Japanese = :) :) :)
Civic = :) :) :|
CIT = :) :) :|

And after that, before shalat zuhur, I got my score for Chemistry, and YOU KNOW WHAT?? It’s just 75!!! Oh.. god, why it’s just 75 not 80,85,90,95 or 100??. I just felt DISSAPOINTED with thtat, because when I was on the test, I say it’s not to difficult and I thought I can get better score than 75 at least 80 or 85.. hhuuuaaa... so sad... :(

Thank’s for visiting.. :)

Indri :)

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