Monday, March 28, 2011

How’s the test?

How’s the test? –that words greeted me this afternoon when I arrived at home. Seems like my mom not allowed her child to take rest lil bit, and just asking about that.

And I said “as usual, you know right??

After I prayed, I went to living room and told the story with my mom, and I said...

for the 1st lesson “chemisty“ I said so-so, -because the question not to difficult,

for the 2nd lesson “indonesian language“ I said dizzy, - the question is too long make me felt confused to chose the correct answer,

for the 3rd lesson “history“ I said I want to CRY,CRY T.T, - seems like there’s no one question that I could answer correctly.

Hearing my story, my mom just said “hmmm“,“yeah“ ext.. and then she said “learn more, and not play too much“


And after that, I slept till magrib and started to study after that, hopefuly tomorrow will be better than today..

Thank’s for visiting my blog :)

Indri :)

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