Sunday, December 19, 2010


Like I said yesterday if I followed a competition –photography competition about Revolution?? Are u still remember it? I follow it on Pensi Smanti –Triplex.

In the first time, I felt pessimist if I will lose on that competition because if u want to become a winner somebody must vote your photo, so judge in that competition if u have some voter u will be the winner, and I think I don’t have anybody that will vote my photo even there are, I think it’s not too much, so I just think I will lost on that competition, hhe..

But u know?? I won the 2nd place on that competition, it’s unpredictable for me, and for the first time I felt lazy to come to Triplex, I came to that place at 5.30 in the evening, hhe.. and I felt surprise when somebody told me if I won the competition and got the 2nd place, I just imagine, if she get wrong when she heard the information, but I know it’s true when risvi –the panitya, send me a massage and she told me If I come to triplex or not? And If I come I should went to backstage to take the present, and from that I said “aah.. it’s true? Hhe..” because I don’t think if have good reputation on photography, heem..

And here it is the present :

After I took it, I continued it with enjoyed RAN performance on the last program of Triplex. After I saw RAN about 10pm I went home happily..

But, thank’s for somebody that have vote my photo :)